So, I’ve been wondering for quite some time if I should go camping with a few of my friends. I know this really nice wooded area, it’s quite big, and there’s a camping a few camping grounds next to it. The camping ground I really want to go to is one people don’t usually go to, it’s quite isolated but then again I kind of like the quiet.

The reason I don’t usually go is because I either chicken out because one of my friends tell me scary stories about what happen to people when they go camping or I just generally can’t find the time.

I’m asking because some of you reading may have gone camping, and I’d like some advice on whether I should go or not, especially to a kind of isolated campground. (A few people go there, few and far between, but the majority of people go to the other campgrounds and are usually full when I go.)

If you’d like to share your camping experience in the comments, feel free! I’d love to hear your advice and stories on camping.

Thanks for reading!

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